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Archive for October, 2011

P. Dank invades Appleton!!!

Last night Appleton Radio was taken over by Spose and the entire P. Dank crew to help pre-game for Rap Night at The Big Easy. With Appleton headquarters packed to the brim, we not only played a mess of Maine hip-hop, but also got to focus on one of the strongest group’s of artist’s out [...]

Shupe’s Back, but know he never left!

  Last night we had one of the hardest working men in Maine hip-hop on the show to discuss his new EP. Nate Shupe is not only the beat conductor for the Sandbag crew, but also the driving force behind the hip-hop open mic night that has been a staple in the Portland music scene [...]

GSO…Passionately Late, But just in time!

Last night we had Mint and I-Kue of Grant Street Orchestra on the show to talk about “Passionately Late”, the first full length release from this 7 piece Funk/Soul/Hip-Hop band. If you are not familiar with these guys, they have had a significant role in the Portland music scene over the past 3 years with [...]

Appleton… All in the family (w Syn, Alt, Dynamo-P, OD & Kyle Bryant)

   Last night The Appleton Radio Show had one of our favorite show’s to date airing the entire Trails EP “Trails & Co.” with special guest’s Syn and ALT. As if that wasn’t enough, Kyle Bryant stopped in to drop off a few exclusive’s and chat about his upcoming projects in both art and music. In [...]

Egg Salad (Doc Joshua & Friends) bring you a LINEAR “Sending All My Love” video remix!

 The video below is the original video for this song but has remixed music.  That’s ok, go ahead and watch this video for a few minutes to really get that 80′s vibe of what was going down.  Yes, I know it’s painful.  Don’t worry, it’s worth it for the second video.     Ok, now HERE is [...]

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