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Archive for February, 2012

Back to Class with Educated Advocates

Welcome to what may likely be  The Appleton Radio Show’s only leap year live show EVER!  Last night we were fortunate to have the Educated Advocates (Jay Caron, Mike Be & Ryan Augustus) all in the building before their CD release show at, you guessed it, The Big Easy’s Rap Night.  We wanted to give Ryan [...]

Two Thirds: Lady Essence & Shane Reis

This week’s show featured P. Dank artist Lady Essence & Shane Reis stopping by to promote their Rain Delay project and catch us up on all their endeavors whether they be solo, as a duo, or with O*Zee, the third member of their group In The Attic.  To give you an additional dose of what moves P. [...]

Putting on The Dirty White Hat’s

Last night we were joined by The Dirty White Hats who consist of Leon Samson, Nick Scala, and their resident DJ who wears many hats in the local hip hop scene, El Shupacabra.  Catch the podcast to get a behind the scenes look at the history of DWH and hear a bunch of tracks from [...]

A night with

This week we were excited to welcome the gentlemen behind, a local podcast dedicated to Maine Music. Trent and Dan both came through to give us the lowdown on the podcast mission and to fill us in on what they having coming in the near future.  If you aren’t familiar with this podcast you [...]

PT Burnem Arrives at Appleton

Last night we were pleased to have PT Burnem on the show to talk about his new vinyl “Ornithopter” being released on Fly Rock Records out of New Hampshire. If you are not familiar with PT, he is an incredibly talented hip-hop visionary, with a strong passion for music, and a bigger passion for the [...]

Shupe’s Back for Free!

Click here to download the full album, Shupe’s Back The rain falls steadily outside, creating a faint tapping sound on the roof above. Drops of water slowly drip down the panes of a window overlooking a normally busy, but for now quiet city street. A single candle burns on a desk illuminating the room, and [...]

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