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Archive for August, 2012

JJ King on AppletonRadio.Com

This week we welcomed JJ King on the program for the first time. If you are familiar with the 207 hip hop scene then you are no doubt familiar with Lab Seven, a group that JJ King has been a part of for years. This week the focus was on JJ King’s solo material as [...]

PT Burnem Back in the 207

Last night we were happy to welcome PT Burnem back on the program. As of late PT has been an east coast touring machine and it’s always great to catch up with him and hear about what’s new as well as stories from the road. Unfortunately for the 207 we can’t quite claim PT as [...]

The Element

This week, in addition to the usual regiment of local hip hop, we welcomed Element on to the show for the first time along with Tyler, one of his collaborators. Instead of a long winded post I thought this photo of an article from the Sun Journal would do the trick. Element performs with RA [...]

Back to Basics

We are SUPER late posting the podcast from Wednesday 8-8-12 so I will keep it short and sweet! This week we had no official guests lined up on the show so it was back to basics, focusing on music, our whole purpose in life. In typical Appleton fashion we had a couple people stop by [...]

Appleton: The Big Kids Playground

It was good to be back after a week off the internet air and while we had no scheduled guests it worked out last minute that The Big Kids were able to come through. You know the drill by now; we give you a full hour dose of Maine Hip Hop and try to bring [...]

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