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Top 10 Fever with Pat Jones, Jack Cluesto, Dray Senior & Syn the Shaman

Jack Cluesto & Pat Jones

This week we woke up from our sleep to bring you our second live show of 2015.  With Pat Jones & Ryan Augustus slated for Rap Night performances it only made sense to ask Pat to join us to play a couple tracks from his latest collaboration, The Crafstmen.  At this point Syn has pretty much become the third member of the Appleton team so he set off the show and helped us host it all night long.  He also invited Jack Cluesto to come through so we could world premiere a couple of his tracks and speak to him about his music.  During the show we got the full YETI treatment when Dray Sr. showed up.  Like we’ve done in the past we asked Dray to do a couple “hot or not” segments.  This episode is crazy.  But we know why you’re all here.  TOP 10 FEVER!!! The concept of a Maine MC top 10 list scares a lot of people but here at Appleton we’re not afraid to confront these controversial topics.  You’ll have to tune in to see how it all works out but we encourage you to think about it and share your own top 10 lists with us!  Peace to Maine Hip Hop and we’ll see you next time.



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