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MC Monsoon & Ziontific Productions

This week we welcomed Monsoon on to the program for the first time.  He dropped by to give us a copy of his brand new project “Return of the Real” which, as we found out, is the first of the trilogy he is working on.  The other great thing about this project is it features all original production by Autonomous who Appleton listeners may know from Lab Seven and other projects.  Monsoon fills us in on what’s happening in his world, most importantly an upcoming showcase at Rap Night Portland on February 12th.  Tonight we also had Justin Wargo in the building with us.  Justin is from Ziontific Productions who are  the organizers of the annual Ziontific festival that takes place in Vermont.  Over the years Justin has connected with the Maine music community to infuse that 207/802 synergy and bring many local acts to the festival including Educated Advocates, Spose & more. In addition to being  a long time supporter of Appleton Radio Justin is also the manager for The Alchemystics who we have played several times on the show.  Check out the podcast and keep in mind we won’t be back live until February 19th where we could have what proves to be an interesting recap of this year’s Ruckus Cup Classic MC Battle.  It should be noted that Appleton Radio is proud to inform you Ryan Augustus won the battle by defeating Eyenine in the final round.  Ryan Augustus now holds 3 wins in the Ruckus cup putting him ahead of Eyenine & Mr Harps who each have 2 wins.  Thanks for checking out our show, we are proud to be from Maine!

Jay Brown

This was our first live show and podcast of 2014, happy new year!  We bring the new year in properly by inviting Jay Brown, local video producer/director  extraordinaire onto the program.  Being in the hip hop scene you probably have seen some of Jay’s latest work including videos for Eyenine, Jaw Gems, & most recently Sage Francis.  We are happy to get a glimpse of the man behind the camera by bringing you this exclusive interview.  We hang out with Jay all night but you know the deal, for the first hour or so we get into the latest and greatest in local hip hop.  We’ve been getting a lot of new tracks to and we appreciate every submission and had a lot of new tracks (at least new to Appleton) to play as well as some classics.  Our schedule is filling up.  We might not be live every single week but you can be on the lookout for quite a few shows in February & March.  Next week we bring you Monsoon & Vermont crew The Lynguistic Civilians who are in town for Rap Night. Until then download or stream the podcast and share it with your friends.  Ruckus Cup Classic MC Battle takes place Friday, February 7th at the Asylum, don’t miss out!

Poverty aka Thommy Kane & Enbius: Rise From Ruin

This week we were happy to finally bring the Rise From Ruin crew on the program!  We’ve waited a long time to get Poverty in the building and most regular listeners recognize we keep Poverty/Thommy Kane tracks in the mix regularly here on the live show.  Stories about huge pieces of Maine Hip Hop, legendary really, were finally discussed straight with the source this week.  In all reality we barley scratched the surface when it comes to Poverty but we definitely got a good start.  The focus really tonight is on Rise From Ruin, both Enbius & Thommy, and their struggle, friendship, and come up together.  Enbius brings  us his perspective as a writer so the graffiti element is also present on tonight’s show.  We get a lot of good Maine Hip Hop in during the first hour and some exclusive tracks from Thommy Kane during the interview as well.  This is another mandatory listen podcast for sure!  We also want to congratulate everyone but especially Trails & Spose on their awards from the Portland Phoenix Best Music Poll!  Maine Hip Hop is at the forefront of local music right now, right where it it belongs!  You can check out all the details here:

Happy holidays to you all, the next live show won’t take place until after the new year so keep it safe as you celebrate and we’ll catch you in 2014!

The Graffelton Radio Show presents Graff Night

This week we embarked on our second graffiti themed episode by welcoming back Mike Rich.  Rich brought fellow writers Peck119 & Gerv with him to chop it up.  Any write up we attempt to give you for a preview of the show won’t do it justice.  Mike is always fun to chat with and this time is no exception as he talks about various aspects of Porland Graffiti & much more.  Gerv updates us as well including updates about the book he is working on documenting Portland graffiti culture.  This week we were also happy to announce that our friends at Rap Night Portland have found a new venue and will be back next week, November 27th, at The Asylum!  We hope to see you there for the relaunch with Ock Cousteau & more!   Check the podcast below and we will see you the next time we are live!


Vinyl Cape

On this edition of The Appleton Radio Show, like we do every year around Halloween, we welcomed long time 207 grinder Brzowski on the program.  This time he brought along C $ Burns and was here to promote his latest endeavor Vinyl Cape.  Unfortunately Mo Niklz who also is a member of the group was not able to be with us.  Brzo & C $ talk about the new project but also provide a glimpse into things past and present with their collaborations.  We were also fortunate they brought a brand new Vinyl Cape track for us to debut so be on the lookout for that.  You can catch Vinyl Cape along with many other artists at the 2nd annual Portland Prog-Rap Summit tonight, November 9th at Empire, 575 Congress St.

At the end of the show Ill by Instinct stop by to discuss the current status of Rap Night Portland and shares what details and plans he and Shupe have in the works with the sudden closure of The Big Easy.  Nothing solid as of yet but moves are being made. Rap Night Manchester continues in full effect every Sunday night so make sure to show them some love when you can.  You know the drill, the podcast is below and we’ll see you next time.  Appleton!

Essence Presents An Unseasonable Spring

On this edition of The Appleton Radio show we welcomed back long time Appleton veteran Essence  to talk about and play tracks from her brand new project An Unseasonable Spring.  This project has been eagerly anticipated in the 207 hip hop community and we are happy to be some of the first to debut tracks.  Essence gives us an inside view of the project’s vision  and walks us through some of the track concepts.  If you haven’t purchased it yet you can hit up your local Bull Moose.  As always we pack the first hour with plenty of new and classic Maine Hip Hop for your listening pleasure.  Make sure to tune in next week.  Appleton!

JTB Flying Solo

Here is the podcast from Wednesday, October 9th where JTB hosts the show alone due to Ryan Augustus being sick.  We didn’t have an official guest this week but do chat briefly with both Shane Reis & Boon Docks in addition to playing all the new and classic 207 hip hop throughout the show.

The Appleton Radio Show 10-2-13


On this edition of The Appleton Radio show we welcomed the guys from Momentum, Portland’s newest and freshest boutique/barber shop, on the podcast.  In addition to the owner Jason, we had both barbers Frank & Robbie in the building with us.  Momentum is huge supporter of the hip hop culture not only providing fresh styles but also carrying local hip hop cd’s and inviting artists to do in store performances.  It was great to sit down with Jason and hear his vision for the store and how he has been making it happen.  Throughout the podcast more and more MC’s kept showing up so another Appleton Cypher was unavoidable.  Near the end of the show you can check out Ghost, Ill by Instinct, Frank the Barber, Dynamo-P, Lazarus, and DJ Rew get down on the MIC.  Plenty of Maine Hip Hop in the first hour and throughout, check into it otherwise check into Momentum downtown Portland on Middle St.  Peace!

Happy 3rd Birthday to

This week we were joined by Dan & Kevin from to discuss some of the festivities they have lined up for their big 3rd birthday celebration and find out what else is new in the world of and Maine Digital Press.  In addition, during the first hour of the show where we focus on music, we had Shameek the God (formerly Rome of Abattoir) in the building and were able to get him on the mic to say hello and talk for a moment.  To close out the show Ill by Instinct came through and discussed the unique battle format that was going down at Rap Night that night.  Check the podcast below and we’ll see you next time.

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